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What Is “Too Old” for an Air Conditioning System?

What Is “Too Old” for an Air Conditioning System?

One of the most important decisions you’ll need to make regarding the AC system that keeps your home cool

during the hot and humid summers is when to retire it and put in a new system. 

How old is “too old” when it comes to air conditioners?

The effects of age on an air conditioner

An air conditioner is an electro-mechanical system, and as with any mechanical system, it suffers wear while it operates. Maintenance done every year does a great deal to alleviate this stress by keeping the system clean, lubricating the motors, and changing parts as necessary.

However, this won’t stop all deterioration. Eventually, the compressor will be in danger of breaking down, and at that point the AC will need a replacement.

At what age is this likely to occur?

Different air conditioners have different lifespan estimates depending on their construction. The average life expectancy of most central air conditioners is between 10 and 15 years. You can find the manufacturer’s estimate on the cabinet of the system, or you can check with the manufacturer’s website. Although an AC can still work when it’s over this estimate, the chances of a complete breakdown rise significantly.

20 years or more

A system that is 20 or more years old has crossed the outer barrier for an air conditioner. You shouldn’t have an AC that’s been around this long, even if it still manages to provide cooling. Call on Skylines Sales and Services experts to have them replace it.

For a great air conditioning replacement in Kenya, Nairobi, contact Skyline Sales & Services Limited.  We’ve served Nairobi County and the surrounding areas for more than one decade!


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