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In mechanical ventilation blowers, fans ,filters and ducts are used in transporting air from a space .

Centrifugal fans

These fans are characterized by having an appearance similar to that of waterwheels or hamster wheels. Assuming the same airflow, a centrifugal fan will establish a higher pressure than an axial fan, consuming additional power

Axial Fans

Axial fans have the simplest construction, with their blades arranged in a propeller shape around a rotating shaft. These fans are designed for applications where both the airflow and static pressure are relatively low.



Low motor noise level

Durable external rotor motor with thermal link

Reliable, excellent quality and maintenance





Jet Fan Ventilation System for Basement 

We design, install commission Jet fan ventilation system for basement.Jet Fans provide the ability to ventilate and extract smoke without using any ducts resulting in tremendous cost savings, power savings and increased installation efficiency. Jet Fans can be used for normal ventilation and also for smoke extract in case of emergencies, or a combination of both.

The requirement of architects, building Owners, and contractors is a mixture of performance with aesthetics. In every high-rise building, hotel, or shopping mall; peoples’ lives are safer with a good SHEV (Smoke & Heat Exhaust Ventilation system).

We work closely with you to create custom designed mechanical ventilation that is both cost effective and efficient


Jet fan car parking ventilation systems

Jet fan-car parking ventilation systems


Acoustic Box fan Silent Extractor fan  SOLER & PALAU


Low noise, lined galvanized fan box

High resistance to long duct runs and filters sections.

Quite running external rotor motor with thermal over load protection.

Built in mounting for easy fitting and installation

Perfect for hydroponic carbon filters

Box Silent Extractor fan Soler Palau

Box Silent Extractor fan Soler & Palau