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Fire protection equipment required in the workplace!

Our workplace can become our second home given the amount of hours we spend there, can’t it? We’d like to feel both comfortable and safe there. If you are the person responsible for fire safety at work, the following lines may be of your interest as we’re listing the fire protection equipment required in the workplace.

Fire protection equipment required varies depending on the age, size, use and type of the building to be equipped. There are 2 types of fire safety mesaures:

Passive: They affect the building space, fire doors stairways corridors, elevators, etc.

Active: Equipment needed in the workplace that the fire safety responsible should make sure that it’s installed

Fire safety on: fire protection equipment required in the workplace

1. Fire Detection Systems

Fire detection systems are essential. They can be automatic or manual systems although we always recommend to have both installed. We’d like to take this opportunity to remind you to test your fire alarm once per week. Manual call points enable a person who discovers a fire to immediately raise the alarm and warn other people in the premises of danger.

2. Warning Signs

Emergency lighting and warning signs are also essential pieces of equipment in the workplace. Your workplace should have an emergency lightning system in case a failure occurs in your general illumination system during a fire. The warning signs must be understood by everyone (regardless the language they speak and also for visitors in the workplace).

3. Fire Extinguishing Equipment

Fire extinguishers are the essential item to tackle a fire when it starts. You can read which fire-extinguisher fits best your workplace needs. Remember extinguisher is needed every 200 m2 and a minimum of 1 fire extinguisher must be installed on every floor.

Automatic sprinkler systems are also a good option when it comes to extinguishing fires. They are a water supply system that provides pressure. In Buildings equipped with fire sprinkler systems, over 99% of fires are controlled by fire sprinklers alone.

Fire Blankets must be placed in fire hazard areas such as the kitchen, labs or vehicles. They should be found in a place where they can be easily reached.

Precautions you should take

  • Maintain and test fire alarm systems in a regular basis. All employees must receive training before using any fire protection piece of equipment.  Also, business need to have a qualified person (someone with the necessary knowledge, experience and qualification) to carry out regular checks of the equipment, escapes route, fire doors, etc.
  • The evacuation plan (also called Security Plan by some business) must be always explained to new employees and fire drills must be carried out in an annual basis as required by law. It’s recommended to keep a record of fire drills for future reference.

With the above mentioned fire protection equipment required in the workplace, possible tragedies can be prevented. A fire can happen in an instant. But you can easily prevent and control it with the right fire protection equipment.