Skyline Sales & Services Health, Safety & Environmental (HSE) Management Policy is designed to integrate the management of HSE practices into one program that embraces a project or activity from beginning to end and is consistent throughout the company. The use of an integrated, consistent company-wide approach has provided efficiencies in the execution of work, a competitive advantage to clients through reliability and reduced risk, improved tracking of HSE performance measures that indicate the manner in which the company is managing its HSE impacts and greater opportunities to provide innovative solutions to HSE challenges.

We will continue to be proactive in providing value-added services to clients, as well as contributing to a safe, secure and sustainable quality of life for our employees and for the communities in which work.

We will:

  • Be a responsible member of society committed to continuous improvement in HSE
  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees
  • Reduce our environmental impact and optimize the use of natural resources
  • Meet or exceed regulations, legal requirements and international agreements
  • Ensure HSE considerations are integrated into all our activities
  • Develop a culture that encourages employees to take personal responsibility for HSE
  • Openly communicate our HSE performance and enter into dialogue with interested parties
  • Eliminate all incidents and injuries.

The policy has been adopted by the senior staff and applies to all employees and all activities nationally.

Development & Training

Skyline Sales & Services recognizes that a skilled and competent workforce is one of its greatest assets and as such is committed to providing training and development opportunities for all employees.

Our comprehensive training program ensures all employees reach their full potential and are equipped with the necessary skills that enable them to carry out their roles in adherence to all International standards. 

As part of Skyline Sales & Services commitment to training, the company has a dedicated Continuous Improvement department that is responsible for implementing our training programs.

We use the fully-equipped training facility at Kenya Polytechnic University College (School of Engineering Science and Technology) to enable the company to carry out all necessary training on, or close to, relevant project sites.

Employee Care and Benefits

Skyline Sales & Services has registered all our permanent employees with the Department of Labour, National Social Security Fund, and National Hospital Insurance Fund.


Our benefits reflect both the talents and skills that our employees bring to their activities and the current market conditions. The significant contributions that our employees make to the success of Skyline Sales & Services are recognized and rewarded through performance-related pay, variable remuneration and incentive plans. Our offering of employee benefits will typically include retirement plans and medical and health care coverage extensions.

This helps us to promote our inclusive and mutual culture broadly and consistently, in turn building a positive future both for the company and for our employees.

Our employment policy

At Skyline Sales & Services, trust and integrity are fundamental values. We seek to implement these values in all employee relations and are committed to safeguarding the rights and safe working conditions of all our employees. We set ourselves the high standards expected from any industry leader and aim to exceed what is required by law. Wherever we do business we are guided by these principles and we expect the same level of commitment to these values from our partners.

Quality Control

We have a fully qualified Quality Control Department (QCP) – working in accordance with the latest ISO rating and guidelines. This is done independently or within the client requirements / guide lines.

All our General Mechanical Engineering/Refrigeration/Air Conditioning/ Ventilation/ fabrication / manufacture / welding codes, or any other specification follow the International Code of Standards.

National Environment Management Authority (NEMA); is the third party inspectorate that we work with when an Inspectorate is required by the client for the required projects.